Sunday, February 2, 2014


Self inflicted hat trick.
I'm all fulla magic,
bi-polar. half sadness
half manic.
psycho somatic,
rhymes dynamic.
had a bad past, but I passed it.
like a glass dick,
I see these cats is smoking weed.
but all they do is watch tv and go to sleep.
blast it!
I'd rather be out playing in traffic,
than live a vapid life of static.
I'd rather blast it with a semi-automatic,
than hafta constantly sharpen my madness.
it's tragic to see people trapped in that sadness.
Imma live nomadic. travel the galactic.
fuck organic, Imma pop in lysergic acid.
Mad hat tricks without even glancing.
I'm a kill the rabbit,
lure it carrot and the cabbage;
and  I'll smash it.

I'm a applique on the fabric.
I'm the glaze on ceramics.
I'm the money in the attic.
I'm the rubber in elastic.
Gymnastic, acrobatic.
I'm breaking out this plastic.

Mold is old as flat bread.

sniper for hire,
find on me a flyer,
money through the wire,

got an assassin flow
sat in the grassy knoll,
the black chateaux,
Dallas, exactly 51 years ago.
gat stuck in a art portfolio,
the soldiers wouldn't know.
release the death blow.
the ghastly ghosts tap into my flow,
gaseous acid melt the skin off my skull.
nazi generallisimo.

Unlocked the hair pin
Kidnap the chair man.
American terrorists
swallowin' mexicans like mescaline.

Earring fell into the herring.
Steering the ferry into pier,
We fearing the peril.

Went from feral to kennel.

Eclipsed the solstice.
Shut ya lips and focus.

Riga mortis to hocus pocus.
Anubis to horus.

Daedelus to icarus.

Limericks is gibberish.
intermixed like licorice.

I speak intricate
like mandarin

flip a wig
ya cancerous

I can't stand ya persnickety shit.
the vision is flipped.

I persist. the world flipped.
the world's at my finger tips.

The gambit was a veto,
the gamble wasn't feeble.

sippin cappucinos at the casinos,
watching capos and pacinos
 playin' them c-notes, in tuxedos.

Sopranoes to lucky luciano.
Rocky Balboa to rambo.

Thousand pound boa to scare crow.

Dare devils attack risk,
 from the blackness, the plastic tipped.

White doves flew into the hat tricks,
comin' out as black fuckin falcons.

pigeons stuck like mollasses.
phoenix come up from the ashes.

You putting on shackles when you hop dem band wagons.
I ain't exactly a free man, but I'm laughing. cackling at your wack shit.

scorched earth policy torch earth worm colonies

Fuck ya religion.
You're a civilian, I'm a villain.
Denizens get spillt with crimson.
I'm cooler than a mint thin.
So listen, from pole position.
let me dip in. lightnin' bolts are rippin.
rip it like ya bitch's ribbon,
cut it up into dividends.
lightin' up the trippy stick
straight jimi hendrixin',

sojourn on an odious odyssy
filled wit pol pottery and non-camaraderie

don't see what you wanna see.
don't be who you wanna be.

shake ya head vertically like moracco beads
words come gaseously like garbonzo beans.

Living in an earth worm colony,
torched by scorched earth policies...
politicians sit at the top with wings.
cawwing at us obnoxiously.
but they spraying us noxiously
like we be smokin' poutporri.
all we see is the dishonesty,
with all of these cover stories on TV.
obiter dicta is constantly leakin up on the scene
 like septic tanks gurgling.
and at any obloquy they flash artillery
 from vastly superior armories.
we got our arms,
but deez sneaks got brains and legs to walk the battle field
you got a shotty? yeah, that'll do a great deal
when they killing us off, biochemicals...

there's rapists walking the streets.
bank robberies, and the cops is stopping me?
simply because I lived in poverty,
and vandalized public property.

my father seized with mental problems, see?
my mother ain't never wanted me.
Wasn't raised properly...
but fuck all the rules they promulgate upon me, G.

read the riot act, but they just tossed me in clack,
with my niggas, freestylin', writin' killa raps.

I can see they lies from about a mile away,
it's an empty oasis in the desert they say it's great.

but it's just subterfuge, a black lagoon,
to wrap you trapped in black cacoon,
while attack platoons capture loot and eat your children like macaroons.
fuck all dat I'm bouncing like a kangaroo.

stomping koala bears in my wallabies
revolting with parched lipped achery
these volts hit ya corotid artery
they murmuring sorrily.
sorowfully as the white light flashes gorgeously.
they leaking sanguine on my mahogany.
Imma hafta wash & clean microscopically.

got the 3rd degree
commiting perjury
bourgeosie hyperboles,
I murder kings.
seen a graffiti war
gleaming in genie's ball
stab ya bleeding heart with a cuisinart
stick ya ashes in the medieval hearth
leave ya charred, sneeze in the broth,
and serve your family your body parts.
limbs were tore, thats just the hymns of war.
offend you more with my penciled words.
you snooze hard,
roof top to roof top.
with the uzi cocked, I loot shops.
dodge the news hawks,
jeru letting out a hoo rah.
adonis I'm too hot.
honestly, you're a shoe spot.
I thug life like tupac.
writing rhymes on blog spot, shit son, I'm gonna be famous as fuck!

if emceeing is to be an instrument.
then my rhymes must be the sonic equivalent to jimi hendrix's licks.

a foul mouthed degenerate.
but least of all I'm literate.

I'm sparking philly lit.
Not the blunts. The city, bitch.

spillt ketchup on colonel mustard kicks.

duck the fifth
buck a stitch

clutched a shiv
and stuck a snitch

this debauchery, ok?
I'm slinging rhymes doc holiday

get a raging eyefull
I'm a prize bull
olympian. you're in a kid sized pool.

you were cool in high school.
ha. I'm a snide dude.

I'd like to find a sibel
, tho bitches do slip and slide nude
out the centrifuge
glide by in a fly luge.

write all my lines like all my IVs are bleeding,
drinkin' ayahuasca, bored of all this ouija
lazers in my eyes. shootin' men with squeeges.
cops trail behind, like the paper trail I'm leaving.
donkey konging fences like mario & luigi.
Wish this social convention shit was kinda more convenient.
wish I had a bottle to sit and sip with alladin's genie.
it's not so easy when ya left behind a trail of ali baba thieving.
sitting chiefly in a teepee,
life and I really need to sign a peace treaty.
but then I'd prolly just torch it like a tiki.
the fuse on the dynamite is shrinking.
sabotaging spies. nathan wind, cochese.

fuck a stencil. I'm wild style graffiti.


with my prarie plain banditti.
you're beefy, Imma speak easy.
sipping on a salty martini.
plotting while you're scheming
I'm farming while you're eating.
I'm a bikini, you're a dashiki.

I'm writing freely.
I don't give a shit about what you're tweeting.

you're on afterglow, I'm peaking.
goin' 4th plateau,
so I'm peeling out this zuchinni like a wheelie.

ladies and gentle mean.
please, have a good evening.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Be a fool.
Don't read more books.
The brain is tortoise slow.
Livin' in a pigeon hole;
The tortoise shell.
So... Consult the oracle.
Fold the scroll,
so it's portable.
The wise words wasn't audible.
Word to the wise,
ya bovine is horrible.
Hold the oxen low,
razor blades stop ya oxygen flow.
Need the oxycontin, the oxytose.
Ya bum steer wasn't nautical.
I recline at the far table.
Mind don't sit stock-till, it's orbital.
Life is a poem.
Tantrical. Mind, body and soul.
Cold as the papa bears porridge bowl.
Warm the soul, soft as the lamb's wool.
The simmerin' coal splashed wit alcohol.
Grand master flashin' like photos glown.
Couldn't bare the glare in my opticles.
I perform my at a top revolt.
The cops, I loathe.
I'm obnoxious? Well, you're all noxious folks.
I'm solid gold.
Wear a gas mask.
Bake ya gasseous asses into casserole.
I'm rich in my flow.
Planned obsolence. Purposely exaughstible.
profit quadruple.
Demand my supplies for more,
they ain't got enough of me to go around.
Stay poise. they annoyin. I scowl.
These neander-thals, meander roads.
I'm a pterodactyl, flyin', straight above the fools.
Take out the old, put in the new.
I read the scroll, but everything I already knew.
Get a clue. Information isn't fuel...
It's about how you do what you do.
Get a clue, get a clue,
before I kill you in the library with a rope.